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Functional classification for "List1" (MIPS)

Terms from the Functional Classification (MIPS) exceeding a pvalue cutoff of 0.01

Functional term List frequency Background frequency of use (Genome) Corrected P-value of over-representation Genes annotated to the term
unannotated 66 out of 595 genes, 11.1% 1 out of 23473 genes, 0.0% 0 At1g28330, At3g03150, At1g67920, At1g64370, At1g75140, At3g07910, At3g25780, At3g18560, At1g29390, At3g03870, At2g15890, At1g19660, At3g17610, At2g33830, At1g76070, At3g02020, At2g25680, At1g14340, At1g19020, At4g05200, At5g61340, At5g65660, At3g14940, At1g61660, At5g64770, At5g39590, At1g36640, At2g43550, At1g16170, At5g54120, At1g49000, At2g36090, At3g02910, At3g09805, At3g19030, At2g32560, At5g62900, At5g40730, At1g78780, At1g49500, At1g67870, At1g05340, At2g41730, At1g71970, At1g53180, At1g07610, At5g41810, At5g18130, At2g42600, At2g05540, At2g28780, At2g15830, At5g49100, At3g21710, At2g39570, At1g80310, At2g18690, At4g35090, At1g27100, At2g17710, At1g32920, At5g54130, At5g67390, At5g59050, At4g05150, At3g15630
ENERGY 88 out of 595 genes, 14.8% 1703 out of 23473 genes, 7.3% 4.43e-08 At3g48990, At1g24280, At5g59490, At1g19250, At4g05390, At4g15610, At2g29990, At1g23870, At1g77760, At1g22170, At5g23010, At1g63940, At3g60750, At1g60140, At3g57040, At3g52930, At4g25835, At1g21440, At5g45340, At3g50660, At4g24620, At3g22840, At5g51460, At2g01140, At4g36380, At3g58990, At1g74030, At4g10960, At2g30970, At5g14040, At5g24910, At2g38180, At5g50850, At1g31180, At3g60330, At5g50160, At1g64190, At2g15620, At4g14630, At4g18010, At5g36140, At3g26280, At5g03290, At3g47520, At1g78050, At5g03340, At4g39090, At5g18600, At2g41310, At1g67110, At1g09780, At2g17820, At1g13440, At5g08570, At2g36580, At2g43100, At1g30510, At5g17380, At5g36110, At5g13110, At5g12860, At3g54900, At4g35260, At3g48100, At1g78090, At1g17060, At5g41670, At3g01260, At4g26970, At5g13420, At4g33040, At2g46620, At2g22480, At5g51830, At4g30190, At1g59730, At3g13730, At4g15700, At5g54500, At2g31390, At3g28510, At5g14760, At3g13930, At5g53460, At3g06390, At3g45140, At2g31950, At5g24810
METABOLISM 212 out of 595 genes, 35.6% 5915 out of 23473 genes, 25.2% 2.52e-06 At3g48990, At3g19710, At5g59490, At5g15830, At4g05390, At2g31360, At1g01190, At5g66170, At5g49360, At1g66200, At2g28890, At1g49160, At1g55760, At1g63940, At5g36150, At3g52950, At4g31910, At1g60140, At3g13560, At3g52930, At1g21440, At1g74090, At3g50660, At1g30820, At3g12670, At4g24620, At4g38540, At3g07270, At5g04540, At5g51460, At2g29090, At2g26980, At3g11410, At1g31770, At4g36380, At1g74030, At4g10960, At2g30970, At1g60710, At5g56870, At5g40780, At5g14040, At5g50850, At1g31180, At1g73920, At1g48600, At5g06300, At2g15620, At1g64190, At5g47560, At3g26280, At3g57630, At5g54170, At1g19440, At5g18600, At5g57560, At3g13110, At3g22890, At2g17820, At1g15550, At5g08570, At3g50740, At1g19450, At2g43100, At5g17380, At3g63260, At5g65010, At5g36110, At5g54800, At4g35260, At1g55920, At5g40850, At4g34860, At5g50210, At3g26210, At2g41560, At1g08090, At5g58140, At5g41670, At4g26970, At5g13420, At4g33040, At1g80460, At1g13420, At1g02310, At5g19530, At5g51830, At1g59730, At4g15700, At2g31390, At5g14760, At1g43710, At4g21120, At5g62480, At2g42070, At1g74710, At2g31950, At5g24810, At5g19140, At3g09270, At3g61190, At5g06570, At1g24280, At3g28740, At5g18840, At1g19250, At1g23870, At1g54130, At1g77760, At1g22170, At5g07890, At1g59960, At5g23010, At1g12940, At3g30775, At1g36370, At2g29730, At3g60750, At2g31790, At5g04590, At1g18590, At1g25230, At2g30020, At5g58700, At4g39660, At2g29700, At5g45340, At4g18340, At3g23570, At2g14920, At2g01140, At5g35630, At2g42060, At3g14205, At5g48370, At4g36670, At3g58990, At2g43760, At1g64590, At4g17550, At5g24910, At2g38180, At4g32950, At3g60330, At5g50160, At2g30360, At4g14630, At1g44100, At4g18010, At1g73600, At1g70410, At1g62180, At3g47520, At5g03290, At3g22850, At1g78050, At1g08650, At1g50110, At1g67110, At4g39800, At1g58180, At1g09780, At1g13440, At3g58610, At1g58032, At2g36580, At1g30510, At1g22650, At5g12860, At5g13110, At4g12280, At5g44790, At4g34950, At3g55740, At4g04955, At3g16560, At1g08100, At1g22400, At3g63110, At3g48100, At1g78090, At5g58070, At2g42890, At1g72160, At2g30040, At1g17060, At1g55120, At1g62660, At4g19170, At3g05400, At1g31230, At3g01260, At1g04770, At3g15650, At5g41800, At2g22480, At4g30190, At3g13730, At1g58080, At4g30470, At1g49860, At4g38470, At5g42830, At2g40140, At2g32990, At3g13930, At1g63010, At5g53460, At5g47240, At2g22500, At3g45140, At1g53510
glycolysis and gluconeogenesis 23 out of 595 genes, 3.9% 226 out of 23473 genes, 1.0% 6.79e-06 At1g09780, At1g13440, At2g01140, At3g01260, At5g08570, At2g36580, At2g22480, At1g74030, At4g10960, At5g51830, At2g31390, At1g22170, At5g23010, At5g50850, At1g31180, At3g13930, At5g03290, At3g47520, At4g35260, At1g78050, At3g52930, At1g21440, At4g24620
amino acid metabolism 53 out of 595 genes, 8.9% 941 out of 23473 genes, 4.0% 2.05e-05 At3g09270, At3g61190, At3g13110, At3g58610, At1g58032, At2g43100, At5g17380, At3g19710, At1g30510, At1g19250, At4g05390, At5g65010, At1g66200, At1g77760, At5g23010, At3g55740, At3g30775, At1g36370, At1g63940, At3g60750, At5g04590, At1g55920, At4g39660, At5g45340, At1g30820, At3g12670, At3g23570, At4g38540, At3g07270, At1g31230, At2g29090, At5g35630, At5g41800, At3g58990, At5g19530, At2g30970, At1g64590, At1g58080, At5g40780, At1g31180, At5g50850, At5g06300, At2g15620, At1g44100, At5g14760, At1g62180, At1g43710, At4g21120, At5g53460, At3g22850, At1g74710, At1g50110, At5g19140
nitrogen and sulfur utilization 22 out of 595 genes, 3.7% 228 out of 23473 genes, 1.0% 3.59e-05 At2g14920, At3g22890, At5g35630, At1g13420, At1g30510, At1g19250, At2g30970, At4g05390, At5g66170, At5g65010, At1g66200, At4g12280, At2g15620, At1g63940, At1g62180, At5g53460, At3g22850, At5g04590, At1g18590, At4g39660, At5g19140, At3g07270
TRANSPORT FACILITATION 95 out of 595 genes, 16.0% 2197 out of 23473 genes, 9.4% 6.04e-05 At5g18840, At5g59490, At4g00630, At4g05390, At2g29990, At1g80440, At4g29950, At1g59960, At1g12940, At3g30775, At1g55760, At4g12030, At3g54140, At3g60160, At1g63940, At4g23700, At3g51860, At4g13510, At4g38540, At1g61360, At2g16060, At1g26670, At1g31770, At3g27170, At3g58990, At4g36670, At1g60710, At1g64590, At4g17550, At5g40780, At5g14040, At1g31180, At3g60330, At5g50160, At1g64190, At1g44100, At5g47560, At1g05300, At5g54170, At5g27100, At3g01290, At2g29120, At5g27150, At5g18600, At1g32450, At3g45700, At1g13440, At1g58032, At1g19450, At1g30510, At3g52960, At3g63260, At2g38170, At4g17730, At1g78000, At2g27510, At4g21680, At5g12860, At4g12280, At5g44790, At4g34950, At3g55740, At3g54900, At5g54800, At1g08100, At1g77990, At5g64410, At1g12110, At5g58070, At1g72160, At2g42890, At2g41560, At2g47160, At3g05400, At1g08090, At5g41670, At4g26970, At5g13550, At1g80460, At5g41800, At4g30190, At3g10520, At4g15700, At4g01840, At5g54500, At1g64170, At5g13750, At5g14760, At2g26650, At1g63010, At4g21120, At5g53460, At5g46050, At2g22500, At5g24810
nitrogen and sulfur metabolism 28 out of 595 genes, 4.7% 380 out of 23473 genes, 1.6% 0.00020 At2g14920, At3g13110, At3g22890, At2g29090, At5g35630, At4g33040, At1g13420, At1g30510, At1g19250, At2g30970, At4g05390, At5g66170, At5g65010, At1g66200, At4g12280, At2g15620, At1g63940, At1g62180, At5g53460, At3g22850, At5g04590, At1g18590, At1g55920, At4g39660, At2g31950, At5g45340, At5g19140, At3g07270
amino acid biosynthesis 39 out of 595 genes, 6.6% 651 out of 23473 genes, 2.8% 0.00027 At3g09270, At3g61190, At3g13110, At3g58610, At2g43100, At5g17380, At3g19710, At5g65010, At1g66200, At1g77760, At5g23010, At3g30775, At1g36370, At3g60750, At5g04590, At1g55920, At4g39660, At5g45340, At1g30820, At3g12670, At3g07270, At1g31230, At2g29090, At5g35630, At3g58990, At5g19530, At2g30970, At1g64590, At1g58080, At1g31180, At5g06300, At2g15620, At1g62180, At1g43710, At3g22850, At5g53460, At1g74710, At1g50110, At5g19140
symporters 13 out of 595 genes, 2.2% 104 out of 23473 genes, 0.4% 0.00087 At4g12030, At5g13750, At1g08090, At1g44100, At5g47560, At1g08100, At5g41800, At4g17550, At5g40780, At4g34950, At1g12940, At2g47160, At3g55740
anion transporters (Cl, SO4, PO4, etc.) 12 out of 595 genes, 2.0% 89 out of 23473 genes, 0.4% 0.00095 At4g12030, At1g08090, At4g17550, At1g78000, At5g13550, At5g14040, At3g27170, At4g13510, At1g08100, At1g12940, At2g47160, At1g77990
degradation of amino acids of the glutamate group 11 out of 595 genes, 1.8% 80 out of 23473 genes, 0.3% 0.00206 At5g35630, At3g22850, At5g53460, At1g30510, At4g05390, At4g39660, At5g65010, At1g66200, At3g12670, At1g30820, At3g30775
two-component signal transduction system (sensor kinase component) 17 out of 595 genes, 2.9% 186 out of 23473 genes, 0.8% 0.00213 At2g17820, At1g25550, At2g40970, At5g05090, At1g59940, At1g13300, At1g68670, At3g21700, At3g18820, At2g26650, At3g57040, At1g10470, At3g48100, At3g10760, At3g46640, At2g41310, At3g25790
other nitrogen and sulfur metabolism activities 7 out of 595 genes, 1.2% 33 out of 23473 genes, 0.1% 0.00592 At2g30970, At1g55920, At3g13110, At2g29090, At2g31950, At5g45340, At4g33040
amino acid degradation (catabolism) 27 out of 595 genes, 4.5% 438 out of 23473 genes, 1.9% 0.00868 At3g09270, At2g29090, At5g35630, At3g19710, At1g30510, At5g19530, At2g30970, At4g05390, At1g64590, At5g65010, At1g77760, At1g66200, At3g30775, At1g36370, At5g50850, At5g06300, At1g43710, At5g53460, At3g22850, At4g39660, At1g50110, At5g45340, At1g30820, At3g12670, At5g19140, At4g38540, At3g07270
Last modified: Mon March 22, 2004.
Rodrigo GutiƩrrez
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