Table I. Means, ranges, difference within range, and broad-sense heritability estimates for percent starch, protein, and oil kernel composition best linear unbiased predictors on a dry matter basis in the NAM population and 282 inbred AP

Number of QTLs detected in NAM by joint-linkage analysis for each trait with their respective R2 values explaining the amount of genetic variation detected by the QTLs.

TraitPopulationMeanRangeDifferenceBroad-Sense HeritabilityQTLsR2
StarchNAM founders66.362.3–69.67.3
NAM RILs67.759.7–
ProteinNAM founders13.712.3–15.33.0
NAM RILs13.610.8–
OilNAM founders4.43.5–5.52.0
NAM RILs4.22.8–