Table I. Morphological data of wild-type and CAOx plants grown in LL and HL intensities

Wild-type and CAOx plants were grown in a greenhouse under LL and HL regimes in a natural photoperiod as described in “Materials and Methods.” Plant height, number of leaves, and days for anthesis (50% flowering) were measured from 15-week-old plants, and those parameters were significantly different in CAOx plants as compared with wild-type plants grown under LL and HL intensities (P < 0.001). As flowering was delayed in CAOx plants, the wild-type and CAOx plants belong to different age groups. The experiment was done three times with similar results. Each data point is the average of 15 replicates, and sd values are given.

Plant TypePlant HeightDays for AnthesisNo. of Leaves
WT-LL47 ± 1.58118 ± 1.5814 ± 0.31
CAOx-LL54 ± 1.89149 ± 1.8917 ± 0.32
WT-HL60 ± 1.94105 ± 2.5315 ± 0.31
CAOx-HL78 ± 1.67>160 ± 1.9522 ± 0.33