Table II. Selected proteins of the P. syringae DC3000 infectome in leaf crude extracts and CPLL-treated extracts

Arabidopsis plants were infected with P. syringae DC3000, and extracted leaf proteins were analyzed directly by LC-MS/MS or subjected to CPLL before MS analyses. MW, Molecular mass in kD.

FunctionAccession No.MWNo. of PeptidesHints to Involvement in Virulence
Proteins identified in CPLL sample only
 Glc-1-P thymidylyltransferaseNP_790913334Guo et al. (2012)
 Gln synthetaseNP_795041512Si et al. (2009)
 Transcriptional regulator, LysR familyNP_795132332Wharam et al. (1995)
 RNA methyltransferase, TrmH family, group 3NP_794667274Garbom et al. (2004)
 Thr synthaseNP_791307524Guo et al. (2012)
 DNA topoisomerase INP_793294972McNairn et al. (1995)
 AmidophosphoribosyltransferaseNP_793585563Guo et al. (2012)
 Phosphate transport system protein PhoUNP_795207293Lamarche et al. (2008)
 Ribose ABC transporter proteinNP_792188152Kemner et al. (1997)
 Acetyl-CoA carboxylase, biotin carboxylaseNP_794595495Kurth et al. (2009)
 ATP-dependent Clp protease, ATP-binding subunit ClpXNP_793499474Ibrahim et al. (2005)
 Lysyl-tRNA synthetaseNP_791326573Navarre et al. (2010)
 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinaseNP_790090562Liu et al. (2005)
 Argininosuccinate synthaseNP_793916454Ardales et al. (2009)
 Coronamic acid synthetase CmaBNP_794454352Buell et al. (2003)
 dTDP-Glc 4,6-dehydrataseNP_790915403Sen et al. (2011)
Proteins identified in both crude extract and CPLL sample
 Coronafacic acid synthetase, dehydratase componentNP_794431186/4Buell et al. (2003)
 Coronafacic acid synthetase, ligase componentNP_794429554/12Buell et al. (2003)
 GDP-Man 6-dehydrogenase AlgDNP_791073489/11Buell et al. (2003)
 Catalase/peroxidase HPINP_794283838/2Jittawuttipoka et al. (2009)
 Hfq proteinNP_79467593/3Schiano et al. (2010)
 Translation elongation factor PNP_791590214/2Navarre et al. (2010)
 ATP-dependent Clp protease, proteolytic subunit ClpPNP_793500245/3Ibrahim et al. (2005)
 Secreted protein HcpNP_795162198/2Mougous et al. (2006)
Proteins identified in crude extract only
 Alginate biosynthesis protein AlgFNP_791063236Buell et al. (2003)
 Alginate lyaseNP_791066422Buell et al. (2003)
 CatalaseNP_794994793Fones and Preston (2012)
 FlagellinNP_791772292Buell et al. (2003)
 Iron ABC transporter, periplasmic iron-binding proteinNP_790164373Rodriguez and Smith (2006)
 LevansucraseNP_791279482Li et al. (2006)
 Outer membrane porin OprFNP_792118376Fito-Boncompte et al. (2011)
 Outer membrane protein OmpH, putativeNP_791368195Fito-Boncompte et al. (2011)
 Periplasmic glucan biosynthesis proteinNP_794893715Buell et al. (2003)
 Phosphate ABC transporterNP_793052378Buell et al. (2003)
 Protein-export protein SecBNP_795055185Hueck (1998)
 Sugar ABC transporter, periplasmic sugar-binding proteinNP_790728468Buell et al. (2003)
 Superoxide dismutase, ironNP_794118213Fones and Preston (2012)
 Thiol:disulfide interchange protein DsbANP_790191237Ha et al. (2003)
 Transcriptional regulator AlgQNP_789993182Buell et al. (2003)