Table I. Average correlations between gene function categories and compound classes in the integrated networks for pepper and tomato

NA indicates that no significant correlations were observed for the particular pair of gene function category and compound class. The included values indicate that sugars and sugar alcohols are in general more negatively correlated to transcripts involved in starch synthesis in pepper compared with tomato, resulting in a smaller value for the average correlation compared with the used threshold of 0.843. Analogous reasoning implies that organic acids, on the other hand, are more positively correlated to transcripts involved in protein degradation in pepper compared with tomato.

CompoundStarch SynthesisStarch DegradationCell Wall Precursor SynthesisCell Wall Cellulose SynthesisProtein SynthesisProtein Degradation
 Amino acids−0.735−0.739NANA−0.5700.864
 Organic acids−0.765−0.852NANA−0.6400.355
 Sugars and sugar alcohols0.317NANANA0.2930.784
 Amino acidsNANA−0.969NANA0.969
 Organic acidsNANANANANA0.001
 Sugars and sugar alcohols0.968NANANANANA