Table I. Selection criteria for the genes studied
Genevestigatora (Means of Experiments)
GeneReported Tissue with Highest Level of ExpressionReported Level of Expression in AZs (ATH1:22k Array)ATH_1 Signal in Microarray of the cDNA LibraryNo. of Genes in the Arabidopsis GenomeGene Description
At1g64405AZ (13,728)13,728b3,952.9Unique geneUnknown protein
At2g23630Root tip/root cap (43,477)136319.420SKS16 (SKU5 similar16)
At2g44010Radicle (9,935)2323,024.92Unknown protein
At3g14380Stigma (26,895)25,892b136.42Uncharacterized protein
At3g53040Embryo (33,901)1205,268.013Late embryogenesis abundant protein
At3g56350Seed (21,731)12820,410.010Iron/manganese superoxide dismutase family protein
At5g50540Mesophyll cell protoplast (631)108574.82Unknown protein
  • a Hruz et al. (2008).

  • b From experiments obtained in a stamen AZ transcriptome analysis (Cai and Lashbrook, 2008).