Table I. Transcription factors up-regulated by dehydration in rose petals

Significant differences (corrected P < 0.05 and expression ratio ≥ 2) in relative levels are shown in boldface.

First DehydrationRehydrationSecond Dehydration
Accession No.Annotation1 h3 h6 h12 h24 h1 h12 h6 h
NAC family
 JK616545NAC domain-containing protein1.
 JK617046NAC domain protein0.
 JK617768NAC domain protein1.
 JK619963NAC domain protein NAC20.
 JK620479NAC domain transcription factor1.
Homeodomain family
 JK616983HD domain transcription factor0.
BTB/TAZ family
 JK619064BTB and TAZ domain protein40.
 JK622967BTB and TAZ domain protein11.
AP2 family
 JK619081EREB protein1.
Other transcription factors
 JK617262SET domain-containing protein0.
 JK617756Zinc-binding family protein0.
 JK619813DNA-binding protein S1FA1.
 JK621262WRKY65 transcription factor1.
 JK622333MYB transcription factor1.