Table II. Terpene volatiles in five heritage apple cultivars

Terpene volatiles from five heritage apple cultivars and cv Royal Gala were sampled at approximately 150 DAA by solvent extraction. Compound identification was as described in Table I with the following additions: Additional authentic standards were obtained from: *Aldrich, **Synthesis, ***Givaudan. References for retention indices are listed in the footnotes.

CompoundRetention TimeRetention Indexcv Royal Galacv King Davidcv Wilmont Russetcv Belle Bonnecv Adam’s Permaincv Merton Russet
Menthyl acetate**15.531,541dND33NDNDNDND
(E)-Geranyl acetone22.041,840hND18211521ND
Total terpenes (ng g−1 fresh weight)5093,6452,8791,9098,105291
  • a Choi (2003).  bBaşer et al. (2009).  cBendiabdellah et al. (2012).  dDavies (1990).  eHögnadóttir and Rouseff (2003).  fCulleré et al. (2004).  gWerkhoff et al. (1998).  h  iRetention time and distinctive MS (retention index in this sample is 1,498; the compound runs just before pentadecane).