Table III. qPCR expression profiles of transcripts involved in root GA3 signaling

Transcripts corresponding to genes known to be involved in GA signaling and affected by GA were identified from the LAGI 1.0 assembly. Expression levels of these transcripts were measured using qPCR in normal and cluster (CR) roots of plants grown under Pi-sufficient and Pi-deficient conditions, control plants, plants provided with exogenous GA (+GA), and plants treated with Paclo to block GA biosynthesis. Expression ratios were calculated using the method described by Schmittgen and Livak (2008). Expression values are presented compared with Pi-sufficient normal root expression levels. Transcripts with statistically significant changes in expression compared with Pi-sufficient normal roots are denoted with asterisks. GPX-PDE, Glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase.

LAGI 1.0 IdentifierTranscript NamePi-DeficientCRPi-Deficient + GA CRPi-Deficient + PacloCRPi-Sufficient CRPi-Sufficient + GA CRPi-Sufficient + Paclo CR
LAGI01_35427Acid phosphatase32*85*28*3*6*3*
LAGI01_46294Low-phosphate root126*18*18*10*10*6*
LAGI01_36029GA3 receptor2*4*13*62*
LAGI01_20605Phosphate transporter13*6*2*2*2*1
LAGI01_45033Fe(II) oxoglutarate3*7*2*2*2*3*