Table I. Proposition for a standardized nomenclature for plant TCS elements

For comparative analyses of TCS elements including several plant species, a two-letter code should be used as a prefix (PpHK1 for P. patens HK1). It is recommended to use the domains as given in Supplemental Data Files S1 to S3 for phylogenetic analyses. This table contains both bona fide and diverged TCS signaling elements, such as might be found when performing searches with TCS domains.

TCS Component NameStandardized AbbreviationReference Gene Identifiers from Arabidopsis and Rice
His kinasesHKAt1g67840, At2g17820, At2g47430, At5g10720, Os06g08450, Os06g44410, Os12g19530
CHKAt1g27320, At2g01830, At5g35750, Os01g69920, Os02g50480, Os03g50860, Os10g21810
ETR/ERSAt1g04310, At1g66340, At2g40940, At3g04580, At3g23150, Os02g57530, Os03g49500, Os04g08740, Os05g06320, Os07g15540
PHYAt1g09570, At2g18790, At4g16250, At4g18130, At5g35840, Os03g0719800, Os03g19590, Os03g54084
His phosphotransfer proteinHPTAt1g03430, At3g16360, At3g21510, At3g29350, At5g39340, Os01g54050, Os05g09410, Os05g44570, Os08g44350, Os09g39400
Response regulatorsRRAAt1g10470, At1g19050, At1g59940, At1g74890, At2g40670, At2g41310, At3g48100, At3g56380, At3g57040, At5g62920, Os01g72330, Os02g35180, Os02g42060, Os02g58350, Os04g36070, Os04g44280, Os04g57720, Os07g26720, Os08g26990, Os08g28900, Os08g28950, Os11g04720, Os12g04500
RRBAt1g49190, At1g67710, At1g68210, At2g01760, At2g25180, At2g27070, At3g16857, At3g62670, At4g16110, At4g18020, At4g31920, At5g07210, At5g49240, At5g58080, Os01g67770, Os02g08500, Os02g55320, Os03g12350, Os04g28120, Os04g28130, Os04g28150, Os04g28160, Os05g32880, Os05g32890, Os06g08440, Os06g43910, Os08g17760, Os08g35650, Os08g35670, Os10g32600
RRCAt3g04280, At5g26594, Os03g53100, Os04g13480
PRR (exclusively for Clock-related RRs)At2g46790, At5g02810, At5g24470, At5g60100, Os02g40510, Os03g17570, Os07g49460, Os09g36220, Os11g05930
RR (for potential new clades)At4g00760