Table I. Genes directly regulated by OsMADS1 during rice floret development

+ indicates that the gene is positively regulated (activated), and − denotes that it is negatively regulated (repressed) by OsMADS1.

GeneFunction/Predicted FunctionRegulation by OsMADS1
OsMADS34Spikelet meristem specification, organ development
OsHB4Meristem specification, termination+
OsMADS55Meristem identity+
OsKANADI2Organ polarity and development+
OsKANADI4Organ polarity and development+
OsBLH1Meristem specification, organ development
OsARF-GAPAuxin transport
OsPIN1Auxin transport+
OsETTIN2Auxin response, organ development+
OsARF9Auxin response+
OsRR1Cytokinin response
OsRR4Cytokinin response
OsRR9Cytokinin response