Table I. Coexpression module GO associations

The number of transcripts and GO functional enrichment of the 10 coexpression modules are shown.

ModuleNo. of TranscriptsFunctional Enrichment Analysis
166No significant category detected
2403Response to organic substance, response to hormone stimulus, regulation of anion channel activity by blue light, response to abiotic stimulus, maltose metabolic process, response to chemical stimulus
3328Response to stress, nucleotide binding, transporter activity, hydrolase activity, electron transport or energy pathways
471Response to abiotic or biotic stimulus, signal transduction, developmental processes, protein metabolism
560Water transport, fluid transport
662Response to abiotic stimulus, cellular response to red or far-red light, circadian rhythm, response to radiation, shade avoidance, response to cold, response to hormone stimulus
769Response to cold, response to blue light, cold acclimation, auxin homeostasis, response to far-red light, cellular response to carbohydrate stimulus, sugar-mediated signaling pathway, response to nonionic osmotic stress, response to abscisic acid stimulus, hyperosmotic salinity response, detection of gravity
8907Response to biotic stimulus, response to abiotic stimulus, multiorganism process, response to bacterium, response to heat, response to wounding, response to fungus, response to oxidative stress, response to light intensity, innate immune response, response to jasmonic acid stimulus, response to cold, indole glucosinolate metabolic process, flavonol metabolic process, host programmed cell death, response to hormone stimulus, salicylic acid metabolic process, response to ethylene stimulus, posttranslational protein modification, response to ozone, lignin metabolic process
9166Response to stress, electron transport or energy pathways, cell organization and biogenesis
10104These transcripts were not placed in any of the modules