Table V. Known and predicted functions of the microarray meta-analysis identified cytokinin induced genes using the MapMan bioinformatics tool

References for genes with previously defined functions are listed in the footnotes.

Broad-Function CategoryFunctionsGenes from the Golden List as Predicted by MapMan Analysis to be Associated with Known Functional Category
Stress (biotic/abiotic)Pathogen, defense, drought, freezing tolerance, immunityAT4G11190 (Dirigent-like)1, AT4G11210 (Dirigent-like)1, AT1G09090 (RBOHB)2, AT5G45070 (AtPP2-A8), AT2G43550 (DEFL), AT1G80920 (J8), AT2G43200 (Methyltransferases), AT1G14960 Polyketide cyclase), AT3G25930 (Hydrolase)
RedoxOxidative burst, senescence, stress, photooxidative stressAT1G03850 (GRXS13)3, AT5G14070 (ROXY2)4, AT4G15660 (Glutaredoxin), AT4G15680 (Glutaredoxin), AT2G30540 (Glutaredoxin), AT3G62930 (Glutaredoxin)
Protein degradation/ modificationUbiquitination, posttranslational modificationAT3G48360 (BT2)5, AT3G54720 (AMP1)6, AT4G03510 (RMA1)7, AT2G44130 (Galactose oxidase)8, AT1G61590 (Protein kinase), AT1G75440 (UBC16), AT1G76410 (ATL8), AT1G15100 (RHA2A), AT1G80440 (Galactose oxidase), AT1G23390 (F-box protein), AT5G37540 (Aspartyl protease)
SignalingNutrient, receptor kinases, lightAT3G48360 (BT2)5, AT5G60890 (MYB34)9, AT5G64260 (EXL2), AT5G09440 (EXL4), AT5G01740 (NTF2), AT2G02710 (PLPB)
Cell wallModification, degradation, biosynthesisAT1G69530 (EXPA1)10,11, AT3G61640 (AGP20), AT2G32990 (GH9B8), AT3G15720 (Pectin lyase like), AT2G36870 (XTH32), AT2G03090 (EXPA15), AT4G14130 (XTR7), AT5G56320 (EXPA14), AT1G26770 (EXPA10)
DevelopmentCell proliferation and differentiation, nodulation, seed developmentAT1G09090 (RBOHB)2, AT5G14070 (ROXY2)4, AT2G35980 (YLS9)12, AT5G60520 (LEA), AT5G13180 (ANAC083), AT3G04070 (ANAC047), AT2G39705 (RTFL8), AT1G74940 (Unknown), AT4G34950 (Major Facilitator), AT2G28120 (Unknown)
Hormone action/ interactionBiosynthesis and metabolism of auxin, cytokinin, brassinosteroid, salicylic acid, ethyleneAT1G75450 (CKX5)13, AT4G29740 (CKX4)13, AT2G01830 (WOL)14, AT1G15550 (GA3OX1)15, AT5G05860 (UGT76C2)16, AT5G56970 (CKX3)17, AT2G17820 (AHK1)18, AT1G75580 (SAUR-like), AT5G50760 (SAUR-like), AT4G31320 (SAUR-like), AT4G38840 (SAUR-like), AT2G23170 (GH3.3), AT5G38020 (SAM-like), AT1G77330 (ACC oxidase), AT1G06160 (ORA59), AT5G61590 (AP2 family), AT3G62550 (hydrolase-like)
Secondary metabolismFlavanoids, lignin, phenylpropanoids, anthocyanin, suberin, alkaloidsAT5G48010 (THAS1)19, AT5G60890 (MYB34)9, AT1G70560 (TAA1)20, AT2G40230 (Acyltransferase), AT3G29410 (Terpenoid cyclase), AT5G47950 (Acyltransferase), AT3G50300 (Acyltransferase), AT5G01210 (Acyltransferase), AT5G47980 (Acyltransferase), AT3G57010 (Strictosidine synthase), AT3G44320 (NIT3), AT2G22930 (UDP-glucosyltransferase)
Gene expression/ regulationTranscription factors, miRNA, Type A ARRs, histone modifiersAT2G46310 (CRF5)21, AT1G74890 (ARR15)22, AT1G59940 (ARR3)23, AT1G19050 (ARR7)23, AT3G48100 (ARR5)23, AT3G57040 (ARR9)23, AT5G62920 (ARR6)23, AT2G41310 (ARR8)23, AT2G28160 (bHLH029)24, AT2G22770 (NAI1)25, AT4G26150 (CGA1)26,27, AT1G10480 (ZFP5)28,29,30, AT1G16530 (ASL9)31, AT1G04240 (SHY2)13, AT1G72360 (ERF73)32, AT2G40970 (MYBC1)33, AT1G71030 (MYBL2)34, AT5G65210 (TGA1)35, AT2G21650 (MEE3), AT4G39070 (B-box zinc finger), AT5G50915 (bHLH), AT4G23750 (CRF2), AT2G40670 (ARR16), AT1G10470 (ARR4), AT4G25410 (bHLH), AT1G18400, AT1G04250 (BEE1), AT2G27840 (HDT4), AT1G67030 (ZFP6), AT1G68360 (C2H2), AT3G48920 (bHLH), AT5G05790 (Homeodomain), AT3G04070 (ANAC047), AT1G68880 (ZIP), AT5G15830 (ZIP3), AT1G31320 (LBD4), AT3G50700 (IDDT2)
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