Table VI. Relative expression levels of transcript isoforms

Genes with multiple TAIR10 models are listed along with the number of isoforms. Main isoform indicates the most abundantly expressed isoform(s) as determined by visual inspection of RNA-seq read alignments. Relative expression levels were determined by counting reads that were unique to each variant. V1, V2, etc. refer to the variant number shown after the decimal in an Arabidopsis Genome Initiative code.

Gene typeSymbolArabidopsis Genome InitiativeNo. of ModelsMain Isoform
Cytokinin receptorAHK4AT2G018303V2=V1>V3
Phosphotransferprotein HPtAHP2AT3G293502V1
Phosphotransferprotein HPtAHP4AT3G163602V2
Type-A ARRARR16AT2G406702V1
Type-B ARRARR1AT3G168572V1=V2
Type-B ARRARR19AT1G491902Insufficient data
Cytokinin Response FactorCRF2AT4G237502V1
Cytokinin oxidaseCKX4AT4G297402V2
Cytokinin oxidaseCKX5AT1G754502V1
Lonely GuyAtLOG2AT2G359903Insufficient data
Lonely GuyAtLOG3AT2G372102Insufficient data
Lonely GuyAtLOG8AT5G119502V1