Table V. Highly supported new internal splicing events where most support is from pollen

Junction Feature denotes genomic coordinates indicating the start and end of the inferred intron, using interbase for the coordinate system. P and S denote the number of gapped reads from the pollen and seedling data sets that support the new introns. Consequence notes changes to the annotated gene model’s conceptual translation.

Junction FeatureLocusDescriptionPSConsequence
J:chr3:970750-970828:+AT3G03800Syntaxin1311,9950Change one amino acid
J:chr3:20845327-20845413:+AT3G56180Unknown function (DUF567)1,4160Adds one amino acid
J:chr5:24787626-24787805:-AT5G61680Pectin-lyase-like1,1790Adds 26 amino acids
J:chr4:11614270-11614908:-AT4G21895DNA binding9670Adds one amino acid
J:chr5:18596030-18596125:-AT5G45840Leu-rich repeat kinase9279Removes 11 amino acids
J:chr3:22391885-22392120:+AT3G60570β-Expansin8670Adds 12 amino acids
J:chr3:9928426-9928605:-aAT3G26934Unknown8110Removes two amino acids
J:chr4:13927840-13927925:+AT4G28000P-loop nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase7110Adds two amino acids
  • a New junction was the minor form.