Table I. Example output measures possible with RootNav
Total lengthPixels or mmThe total length of root material for a given plant or given root in a plant
Tip angleDegrees from verticalThe angle of a given root tip calculated relative to the y axis of the image
Emergence angleDegreesThe angle of emergence for a lateral root, calculated relative to the primary root to which it is attached
Start distancePixels or mmThe distance in pixels or mm along a primary root that a given lateral root has emerged
Convex hull areaPixels2 or mm2The area of the convex hull that encompasses all rot material belonging to a given plant
Child countThe number of child roots a given root has
Classification map profileFrequency over lengthA two-dimensional data set showing the frequency of occurrences of a given classification in EM, over changes in depth; this can be used to measure the amount of root hair along a root or the amount of lateral roots along a rice seminal root