Table II. Concentrations of Se in root tissues at distances of 2.0, 0.6, or 0.2 mm from the root apex (Fig. 4A) calculated using the mathematical model based on the line scan concentration profiles shown in Supplemental Figure S1

The values represent the arithmetic means of calculated Se concentrations in two replicate roots exposed to 20 µm Se[IV] or Se[VI] for 24 h.

Root TissuesSe Concentrations in Root Apical Tissues
Se[IV]a, 2.0 mmSe[VI]a, 2.0 mmSe[IV]a, 0.6 mmSe[VI]a, 0.6 mmSe[IV]a, 0.2 mmSe[VI]a, 0.2 mm
µg g−1
Columella of root cap59.9147
Lateral root cap30.143.9
Average concentrationb55.930791.915139.597.4
  • a Se[IV] and Se[VI] represent roots supplied with Se[IV] and Se[VI], respectively.  bAverage concentration calculated as ƩCi × At,iAt,i, where Ci and At,i represent the concentration and area of tissue i, respectively (for details, see Wang et al., 2013).