Table I. A summary of the results of various (flux balance) analyses on the Synechocystis model

When optimizing for biofuel production, we fixed the growth rate to 10% of its maximum. The constraints that were used for each of these simulations can be found in Supplemental Data S2. Jhv, Photon flux; KO AEF, knockout of AEF pathways; JRubisco,Co2/Jhv, Rubisco carboxylase flux divided by the photon flux; J23BD, 2,3-butanediol flux; μ(h−1), growth rate.

Simulated ConditionsJPSI/JPSIIJATP/JNADPHJRubisco,CO2/Jhvµ (h–1)J23BD
KO AEF1.01.280.0750.0400
Biofuel CLS0.0588.10.0140.00120.113
Biofuel LLS0.991.30.130.00170.203
Biofuel KO AEF1.