Table III. Statistics of computational complexity based on different computing modes
Multithreading ComputingaGrid Computingb
No. of CoresCPU TimeNo. of CoresCPU TimeNo. of NodesCPU Time
  • a The multithreading computing tests were performed on a server with four 2.4-GHz Intel Xeon CPUs with 10 cores each (40 cores in total), with 256 GB of memory installed (60 GB was used in the test with the Java VM parameter of –Xmx60g), and used the Linux operating system.

  • b The grid-computing tests were performed on several commonly used computers (with Windows 7 operating system installed), each with four CPU cores (Intel i7-2600 CPU, 3.4 GHz) and 16 GB of memory on average (12 GB was used for IAP tests with the Java VM parameter of –Xmx12g).

  • c Tests were based on the utilization of the hyperthreading technique.