Table IV. Comparison of the essential functionalities of the IAP system with other related phenotyping tools

+, Supported feature; −, not supported feature; NA, not available or status unknown.

ExpandabilitybBy plugins/addonsBy source codeNot possibleNA
Pipeline modificationOn block list and pipeline settingsBy source codeBy predefined algorithms and visual pipeline editorNA
Import of sensor data+NA
Report functionality+
Support grid computing+++
Database support+++
Time-dependent analysis settings+NA
Documented used cases
Supported camera systems
  • a Not available for testing and not exactly described in literature; comparison is based on the consideration of several GROWSCREEN systems (GROWSCREEN, GROWSCREEN-root, GROWSCREEN-fluoro, GROWSCREEN Rhizo, and GROWSCREEN 3D).

  • b Regarding the possibility of implementing new algorithms by end users.