Table III. Expression profiles of ABA- and ZFP3-regulated genes in the Genevestigator transcript profiling database

Four groups of genes were analyzed with the hierarchical clustering tool of the Genevestigator database: those that were down- or up-regulated in ZFP3ox line, induced by ABA but down-regulated by ZFP3ox, and repressed by ABA but up-regulated by ZFP3ox (Supplemental Data Set S1). Percentage values indicate the proportions of genes similarly regulated by a given treatment or in a mutant. Hierarchical clustering data are given in Supplemental Data Sets S2 to S5. Visualized data of hierarchical clustering are shown in Supplemental Figures S10 to S13. Descriptions of the listed mutants are available in Supplemental Text S1.

CategoriesGenes Down-Regulated by ZFP3Genes Up-Regulated by ZFP3Genes Induced by ABA but Down-Regulated by ZFP3Genes Repressed by ABA but Up-Regulated by ZFP3
Induced by (treatments, conditions)Germination (32%)5-Azacytidine (17%)ABA (57%)Germination (84%)
Phytophthora parasitica (12%)Drought (33%)Shoot regeneration (60%)
Osmotic stress (33%)White light (45%)
Salt stress (26%)Red light (40%)
Repressed by (treatments, conditions)5-Azacytidine (24%)Germination (13%)Germination (62%)ABA (81%)
Salt (root protoplasts 21%)Red light (37%)5-AC (67%)
White light (34%)Paclobutrazol (64%)
Drought (54%)
Callus (59%)
Hypoxia (59%)
Pseudomonas syringae (59%)
FLG22 (50%)
Norflurazon (48%)
Induced in (mutants, lines)brx (22%)hsfa1a,1b,1d,1e (50%)pif1,3,4,5 (52%)
LEAFY COTYLEDON1 overexpression (46%)pad4 (46%)
35S::amiR(MIR172a) (46%)eds1-2 (36%)
phyABCDE (42%)
csn4-1 (30%)
csn3-1 (25%)
csn5 (25%)
Repressed in (mutants, lines)timing of cab expression1 (12%)ged1 (52%)csn3-1 (66%)
caprice-1, triptychon-82 (11%)pif1,3,4,5 (37%)csn4-1 (67%)
MAP Kinase6_1 (34%)csn5 (65%)
brx (57%)
ahg1-1 (59%)
ahg3-1 (50%)
35S::amiR(MIR172a) (47%)
phyABCDE (40%)