Table II. Overview of traits computed for the excised root sample
NameDefinitionClosest Trait Analog in Shovelomics
Nodal root lengthLength of the central path along the excised rootScored from representative sample
Average nodal root diameterAverage root diameter along the central path of the excised rootN/A
Distance to first lateralPath length from the top pixel of the excised root to the first detected emerging lateral of the filtered medial axisDistance to first lateral as score
Lateral branching frequencyEstimate of the lateral branching frequency calculated as: (number of laterals)/(nodal root path length)Density scores
Average lateral lengthAverage length of the detected lateral roots emerging from the central path long the excised rootsLength score
Lateral min/mean/max RTAMinimal/mean/maximal angle of detected laterals emerging from the central path along the excised rootN/A
Median/mean lateral diameterMedian/mean of all lateral tip diametersN/A