Table II. Partitioning of phenotypic variance among accessions subjected to three watering conditions

The level of significance (ns, nonsignificant; *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; and ***, P < 0.001) and the percentage of variance explained (SSx/SStotal) are indicated for each parameter (accession and soil water content) and for their interaction (accession × soil water content). Degrees of freedom are indicated in parentheses. Hypotheses were tested using F ratios from type III mean squares for each ANOVA. Nonsignificant terms are reported but not included in the final model.

VariableAccession (17)Soil Water Content (2)Accession × Soil Water Content (34)Total
Rosette dry weight62.49***15.12***6.74**84.35
Projected rosette area46.46***34.06***12.42***92.93
Total leaf area37.61***40.60***11.99***90.21
Growth rate13.37***55.18***12.19***80.74
No. of leaves82.37***1.23***4.15*87.75
Lamina-petiole ratio46.29***14.01***11.19**71.49
Transpiration rate41.28***17.62***12.90***71.80
Leaf temperature10.70**2.74**6.36ns13.44
Water content46.90***13.59***8.36ns60.49
Relative water content41.34***18.84***12.05**72.23
Leaf dry matter content51.68***6.05***12.77**70.49
Stomatal density29.42***16.14***18.26*63.81
Flowering time57.80***12.77***7.05***77.62