Table II. Identified metabolites detected by GC-MS that correlate most strongly with RN

Coefficients of determination (r2) between averaged leaf disc metabolite levels and RN per area are given. Metabolites with significant correlations and coefficients of determination larger than r2 = 0.2 in any one screen are listed. All correlations are positive. Statistically significant correlations (P < 0.01) are indicated in boldface. n.d., Not detected.

MetaboliteCoefficients of Determination
Col-0 ScreenAccession Screen 1Accession Screen 2
Amino acids
Dicarboxylic acids
 l-Malic acid0.490.010.22
 Succinic acid0.620.040.16
 Fumaric acid0.300.010.02
Carbohydrates and related
 d-Gluconic acid0.400.180.31
 6-Phosphogluconic acid0.49n.d.n.d.
 l-Threonic acid0.340.010.05
 l-Ascorbic acid0.080.030.25
 Hexose phosphaten.d.0.120.22
 Shikimic acid0.610.020.32
 Salicylic acid0.64n.d.0.02
Fatty acids
 Octadecanoic acid0.440.030.14
 Hexadecanoic acid0.440.010.11