Table I. Genes reported to be involved in the plant response to drought stress, salt stress, or ABA that are up-regulated both in drirD and in the overexpressing lines
Gene IdentifierGene NameDescriptionReference
AT1G02920ATGST11Glutathione transferaseYang et al. (1998)
AT1G09090AtrbohBNADPH oxidase AtrbohBKwak et al. (2003)
AT1G65970TPX2Thioredoxin-dependent peroxidase2Kumar et al. (2015)
AT1G67760TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family proteinGong et al. (2001)
AT1G73260ATKTI1Trypsin inhibitorChini et al. (2004)
AT1G74080ATMYB122Putative transcription factorDing et al. (2013)
AT1G79840GL2Homeodomain proteinWang and Li (2008)
AT2G15390FUT4α-(1,2)-FucosyltransferaseTryfona et al. (2014)
AT2G18550ATHB21Homeodomain Leu zipper class I (HD-Zip I) proteinDing et al. (2013)
AT2G25810TIP4Tonoplast intrinsic protein4;1Alexandersson et al. (2005); Regon et al. (2014)
AT2G26290ARSK1Root-specific kinase1 (ARSK1)Hwang and Goodman (1995)
AT2G29090CYP707A2Protein with ABA 8′-hydroxylase activityArc et al. (2013); Sasaki et al. (2015)
AT2G38905Low temperature- and salt-responsive protein familyMedina et al. (2007)
AT3G09940ATMDAR3Member of the monodehydroascorbate reductase gene familyBrini et al. (2011)
AT3G29035NAC3Protein with transcription factor activityNakashima et al. (2012)
AT3G45700NPF2.4Member of the NAXT NPF subfamilyLi et al. (2016a)
AT3G54770ARP1Putative RNA-binding proteinJung et al. (2013)
AT4G19030NIP1AquaporinAlexandersson et al. (2005)
AT4G25820XTR9Xyloglucan endotransglycosylaseLi et al. (2008)
AT4G28520CRU312S seed storage proteinNambara et al. (1995)
AT4G40090AGP3Arabinogalactan protein3 (AGP3)Ma and Bohnert (2007)
AT5G01550LECRKA4.2Member of the lectin receptor kinase subfamily A4Xin et al. (2009)
AT5G06630Pro-rich extensin-like family proteinDinneny et al. (2008)
AT5G10230ANNAT7Calcium-binding protein annexin (ANNAT7)Cantero et al. (2006)
AT5G13080WRKY75Transcription factor induced during inorganic phosphate deprivationDing et al. (2013)
AT5G44610MAP18Protein with seven repeated VEEKK motifsKato et al. (2010)
AT5G46350WRKY8Member of the WRKY transcription factorsHu et al. (2013)
AT5G48010THASOxidosqualene cyclasede Silva et al. (2011)