Table I. Orientation of PPBs and phragmoplasts in Ler (tan1/+; air9/+), tan1, air9, and the tan1 air9 double mutant expressing CFP-TUBULIN (CT) to assess microtubule structure orientation

The numbers in parentheses correspond to independent transformation events. Normal orientation is defined as division structure angles between 80° and 100°, while aberrant orientation is defined as angles outside this range. These data are plotted in Figure 2A.

ParameterLer CT (#1)tan1 CT (#9)air9 CT (#1)tan1 air9 CT (#1)
 Total (n)396777121
 Normal (%)92.398.593.561.2
 Aberrant (%)
 Mean angle(°)91.790.789.991.5
 Total (n)374569103
 Normal (%)86.586.789.949.5
 Aberrant (%)13.513.310.150.5
 Mean angle92.390.690.790.1