Table II. Orientation of PPBs and phragmoplasts in tan1air9 mutants expressing TAN1-YFP, TAN1-ΔRI-YFP, and TAN1-ΔRII-YFP or the nontransformed siblings with CFP-TUBULIN (CT)

The numbers in parentheses refer to the transformation event number. Normal orientation is defined as angles between 80° and 100°, and aberrant orientation corresponds to angles outside this range. These data are plotted in Figure 4, J and K.

Parametertan1 air9 CT (#1) TAN1-YFP (#1)tan1 air9 CT (#1) TAN1-ΔRI-YFP (#3)tan1 air9 CT (#1) TAN1-ΔRII-YFP (#4)tan1 air9 CT(#1; Combined Data from All Nontransformed Siblings)
 Total (n)1242195127
 Normal (%)7966.682.164.6
 Aberrant (%)20.933.317.935.4
 Mean angle91.187.489.891.8
 Total (n)892676102
 Normal (%)85.319.269.741.2
 Aberrant (%)14.680.730.258.8
 Mean angle89.990.891.991.8