Table III. Nucleotide polymorphisms in ERF17 for Malus spp.

m = number of sequences, S = number of segregating sites, ps = S/m, Θ = ps/a1, π = nucleotide diversity, and D is the Tajima test statistic.

SpeciesmpsΘπDNeutral Mutation Range (Tajima’s D)
M. asiatica70.0250540.0102260.0102710.024563−1.498 to 1.728
M. baccata100.0213610.0075510.005696−1.17371−1.559 to 1.719
M. prunifolia130.0479180.0154420.0173320.551679−1.580 to 1.708
M. domestica290.0627060.0159670.008435−1.77898−1.581 to 1.714
M. sieversii130.0304380.0100790.008785−0.58541−1.580 to 1.708