Table I. Proteins identified by means of liquid chromatography-tandem MS analysis from gel slices separated by means of SDS-PAGE after the OHP1-FLAG pull-down assay
BandProteinGene NameMolecular Mass (D)Coverage (%)
iPTAC16, plastid transcriptionally active16AT3G46780.154,35932.9
ATPB, ATP synthase subunit βATCG00480.153,93543.8
iiaHCF244, Arabidopsis homolog of the Ycf39 proteinAT4G35250.143,72439.0
iiiLhcb5, light-harvesting complex of PSII5AT4G10340.130,15821.4
ivNPQ4/PsbS, chlorophyll a/b-binding family proteinAT1G44575.128,01025.7
vaOHP2, one-helix protein2AT1G34000.118,66640.1
  • a Two major protein bands for pull-down assay.