Table 1. CYP79B2/B3-dependent accumulation of metabolites 6 h after fumigation with 10 µL L−1 NO2

Metabolites were not detected in the cyp79b2/b3 double mutant. NO2-induced up-regulation in wild-type plants is given as fold change of median spectral count. See Supplemental Table S1 for the complete data set, including statistics. Formulae and tentative annotations were deduced from the exact masses as determined by FT-ICR-MS.

Mass m/z [M-H]Up-Regulation by 10 µL L−1 NO2Formula [M-H]Tentative Annotation
MeasuredΔ µL L−1
447.0537−0.051.8C16H20N2O9S2Glucobrassicin, indol-3-ylmethylglucosinolate
367.0783±0.003.0C15H16N2O9Unknown CYP79B2/B3-dependent metabolite
304.0826−0.042.8C15H15NO6Ascorbigen, indol-3-ylmethylascorbate
232.0463±0.002.2C8H11NO7Unknown CYP79B2/B3-dependent metabolite