Table 9. Differences in photosynthetic parameters between mesophyll and whole-leaf average in the Zn-deficient treatment

These differences were in response to zinc deficiency stress in soybean leaves (20-nm residue from chemicals and water) compared to Control (340 nm Zn) for six weeks. Three areas of mesophyll and three veins were chosen from every leaf for quantification (n = 4–6 leaves per treatment). Mann-Whitney U test statistics were used for significant differences. The Z value represents standardized value corrected for the presence of ties.

ParameterTissuenMedianMean RankSum of RanksUZP
MoWhole leaf41.1853.50144−2.366460.018
ΦPoWhole leaf40.6850512.0048381.637120.102
ΨET2oWhole leaf40.4778511.7547371.515850.130