Table 3. COX activity and outer membrane integrity of the mitochondria isolated from MLs and MGs of heat-producing C. revoluta male cones

Data are the means ± sd of at least three measurements. There were no significant differences between MLs and MGs.

COX Activity and Outer Membrane IntegrityMicrosporophyllsMicrosporangia
COX activity (nmol O2 min−1 mg−1 protein)a24.48 ± 9.0433.31 ± 5.13
COX activity (units mg−1 of protein)b0.456 ± 0.2950.288 ± 0.127
Outer membrane integrity of mitochondria (%)c85.784.4
  • a COX activity was analyzed using the ascorbate-TMPD assay.

  • b COX activity was analyzed using CYTOCOX1 (Sigma-Aldrich).

  • c Outer membrane integrity was measured as described previously (Ito-Inaba et al., 2008a).