Table 2. Chemicals and experimental conditions
1-butanolInhibits phosphatidic acid production by PLD0.4% (v/v)10 minSigma-Aldrich
2-butanolNegative control for 1-butanol; does not affect PLD0.4% (v/v)10 minAlfa Aesar; ThermoFisher
CaCl2Raises extracellular Ca concentration1 mm30 minMerck
CPAInhibits sarcoendoplasmic reticulum calcium-ATPases, inducing calcium release and secondary store-operated Ca2+ influx3 µm30 minTocris
Dextromethorphan Inhibits Ca2+ and Na+ channels10 µm10 minRBI; Sigma-Aldrich
DMSOControl for chemicals dissolved in DMSO1 µL30 minSigma-Aldrich
DPIInhibits flavoproteins (including respiratory burst homolog s)10 µm1 hSigma-Aldrich
Dyngo-4aInhibits dynamin and clathrin-mediated endocytosis30 µm10 minAbcam
EGTAChelates extracellular Ca2+5 mm10 minSigma-Aldrich, Darmstadt, Germany
flg22Mimics biotic stress10 µm30 minGenScript
H2O2Extracellular ROS treatment1 mm30 minSigma-Aldrich
IonomycinInduces Ca2+ influx10 µm30 minMerck Millipore
KClControl for NaCl ionic component150 mm30 minFluka; Honeywell
LaCl3Inhibits Ca2+ channels1 mm10 minFluka; Honeywell
MannitolOsmotic stress, plasmolysis800 mm15 minAlfa Aesar; ThermoFisher
NaClSalt stress150 mm30 minSigma-Aldrich