Table 1. Summary of mRNA and protein levels for validated genes

See Supplemental Table S1 for values of single mutants. ND, not detected in 2D-DIGE set.

AT NumberGene NamemRNAaProteinb (Double Mutant)Proteinc (Triple Mutant)
AT5G54270Lhcb3−0.16 (0.54)−5.0−4.8
AT1G29930Lhcb10.54 (0.048)−3.1−2.4
AT3G01500CA1−0.19 (0.41)−2.8−2.2
AT2G39730RCA−0.20 (0.49)−2.0−1.9
AT1G06680PsbP1−0.29 (0.21)−1.9−1.9
AT1G65260VIPP1−0.29 (0.064)−1.7−1.7
AT4G05180PsbQ2−0.37 (0.059)−1.7−1.8
AT5G66570PsbO1−0.03 (0.93)−1.6−1.7
AT5G57870eIFiso4G1−3.0 (**)cNDND
AT2G24050eIFiso4G2−8.3 (**)dNDND
AT5G35620eIFiso4E0.38 (0.073)NDND
AT3G01480CYP38−0.43 (0.011)NDND
  • a Log2-fold change in RNA-SEQ of i4g1 x i4g2 mutant compared to Col-0 (wild type).

  • b Log2-fold change from 2D-DIGE compared to Col-0 (wild type).

  • c False discovery rate for eIFiso4G1 (**) was 7.4e-33.

  • d False discovery rate for eIFiso4G2 (**) was 4.7e-82.