Table 1. Percent silenced area with different fractions of CD-5K

Different fractions of the CD-5K preparation were formulated with the GFP-targeting 22-mer siRNA at a concentration of 8 ng μL−1. The mean percent silenced area relative to the entire leaf area was calculated digitally with four replicates per treatment. Means were separated using a Student’s t test. The fractions not connected by a letter are statistically different (α = 0.05). Images used for the analysis are included in Supplemental Fig. S5.

FractionConnected LettersSilenced Arease
Fraction 5A43.63.81
Fraction 6A36.26.13
Fraction 7AB35.67.33
Fraction 8AB28.55.59
Fraction 9B20.42.36
Fraction 10C4.91.14