Table I. Estimated rates of protein synthesis and degradation for Col-0 grown in an 8-h photoperiod

Col-0 was grown for 21 d in an 8-h photoperiod and then pulsed with 13CO2 for 24 h, followed by a 4-d chase. The experimental design is described in the legend of Figure 1. The data are provided in Supplemental Data Set S1 and calculated enrichment values in Supplemental Table S1. The rate of protein synthesis was calculated by correcting enrichment in Ala in protein by the enrichment in free Ala at the end of the day. The calculations of protein degradation used an RGR of 0.221 mg fresh weight mg−1 fresh weight d−1, which was the average of three biological replicate experiments in these growth conditions (Supplemental Fig. S5). Results are estimated from the average of four biological replicates.

RGRProtein SynthesisProtein DegradationHalf-Life
Average 24-h CycleLight (per Hour)Dark (per Hour)Light:Dark RatioPulseChasePulseChase
mg mg−1 d−1% total protein% total protein d−1d