Table III. Synthesis rate of RBCL and RBCS in the light period and the night

Col-0 was grown for 21 d in an 8-h photoperiod and then pulsed with 13CO2 for 24 h. Plants were harvested at dusk and at dawn at the end of the pulse. Protein was separated by PAGE, and bands corresponding to RBCL and RBCS were eluted and analyzed. The data are provided in Supplemental Data Set S4. The results are given as means ± sd (n = 3 biological replicates except for RBCS in the dark, where n = 2).

Protein Synthesis RateRBCLRBCSLight:Dark Ratio
Per period (%)9.27 ± 1.015.84 ± 1.056.40 ± 3.215.75 ± 2.701.591.11
Per hour (%)1.16 ± 0.130.37 ± 0.070.80 ± 0.400.36 ±