Table I. Results of the kh curve fitting of six A. mono stems and six Populus 84K stems

kmax is the maximum kh of the stem; cavitron PLC is the experimental PLC measured in a centrifuge; Sperry PLC is the PLC under atmospheric pressure predicted by the model; central PLC is the PLC at the central region of the stem predicted by the model; ERMS is the route mean square error of the curve fitting; Tform is the time used to induce embolism in the stem; and Trecovery is the total time used to measure the curve.

ParameterStem 1Stem 2Stem 3Stem 4Stem 5Stem 6
A. mono
 kmax (E-5 kg m MPa−1 s−1)1.575.024.284.693.285.96
 Cavitron PLC (%)39.5557.0065.8866.0872.6082.70
 Sperry PLC (%)0.764.4713.577.806.459.04
 Central PLC (%)42.6661.4971.0771.2878.3289.21
Pb* (kPa)44.5953.8167.1157.8252.7154.45
 ERMS (%)1.772.781.602.204.584.03
 Tform (h)0.410.410.220.360.820.35
 Trecovery (h)0.750.530.820.480.650.82
Populus 84K
 kmax (E-5 kg m MPa−1 s−1)
 Cavitron PLC (%)51.5943.6251.3158.6439.4939.32
 Sperry PLC (%)16.120.9221.959.160.652.54
 Central PLC (%)55.6547.0555.3563.2642.6042.41
Pb* (kPa)57.7672.4534.4537.2577.4438.48
 ERMS (%)1.721.822.062.182.482.59
 Tform (h)0.560.200.470.530.260.49
 Trecovery (h)0.770.330.480.820.270.29