Table II. Effects of zoledronate and fosmidomycin on average (±se) isoprene emission rate, DMADP pool size, dark pool size, rate constant of isoprene synthase reaction, and Km and Vmax of isoprene synthase in vivo in leaves of hybrid aspen

Definition of all characteristics, number of replicates, and statistical comparison of treatments are as in Table I. Two measurement protocols were used. In the case of the first protocol, measurements were started without inhibitors (control), followed by a 40-min treatment with zoledronate and a 30-min treatment with fosmidomycin. In the case of the second protocol, measurements were started without inhibitors (control) and were followed by a 30-min treatment with fosmidomycin and a 40-min treatment with zoledronate.

TreatmentIsoprene Emission RateDMADP Pool SizeDark Pool SizeInitial SlopeKmVmax
nmol m−2 s−1 nmol m−2 s−1 nmol m−2 nmol m−2 s−1
Control27.2 ± 1.7a1160 ± 150b1600 ± 150c0.0331 ± 0.0022a2370 ± 110ab78 ± 7a
Zoledronate (Zld, 40 min)19.3 ± 1.6b1458 ± 90a5900 ± 500a0.0197 ± 0.0021b2430 ± 120a50 ± 5b
Fosmidomycin (Fmd, 30 min)2.15 ± 0.31d78 ± 4.5d852 ± 60d0.0341 ± 0.0018aNANA
Zld+Fmd (40 +30 min)10.5 ± 0.9c615 ± 38c6270 ± 70a0.0212 ± 0.0012b2280 ± 60b47.1 ± 4.5b
Fmd+Zld (30 +40 min)1.64 ± 0.23d35 ± 4.8e3960 ± 210b0.0233 ± 0.0031bNANA