Table II. Numerical data from mean εc analyses in major food crops

Species, common name, photosynthetic type, and any groups or specifications within species are indicated. εc means and se are reported along with sample size (n) for each species and group within species.

SpeciesCommon NameTypeGroups by Cultivar, Species, or HybridMean εc sen
Z. mays MaizeC4 0.04880.001194
S. bicolor SorghumC4 Grain type only0.04550.00244
S. tuberosum PotatoC3 0.04140.00248
O. sativa RiceC3 0.03990.001132
New hybrids0.04720.00229
indica 0.04420.00225
japonica 0.03880.00257
T. aestivum WheatC3 0.03780.001242
H. vulgare BarleyC3 0.03640.00249
A. hypogaea PeanutC3 0.03460.00260
G. max SoybeanC3 0.02820.001159
C. arietinum ChickpeaC3 0.02830.00252
C. cajan PigeonpeaC3 0.02800.00240