Table III. Effects of alendronate and zoledronate inhibitors on the initial quantum yields for isoprene emission and net assimilation rates and on the ratio of quantum yields in hybrid aspen leaves

The initial quantum yields were calculated as the initial slopes of the light response curves (quantum flux density between 15 and 55 µmol m−2 s−1) of isoprene emission and net assimilation rate and are reported for an absorbed light. Each value corresponds to the average ± se of five measurements of different plants. Statistical comparison of data is as in Table I. Averages with the same lowercase letter are not significantly different.

TreatmentInitial Quantum YieldRatio
Isoprene EmissionNet Assimilation
mmol mol−1 mol mol−1 mmol mol−1
Control0.0750 ± 0.0025a0.0576 ± 0.0022a1.280 ± 0.024a
Alendronate0.0585 ± 0.0022b0.0452 ± 0.0018b1.27 ± 0.06a
Zoledronate0.0522 ± 0.0019b0.0394 ± 0.0013c1.327 ± 0.033a