Table III. Numerical data from mean εc analyses in C4 bioenergy crops

Species, common name, photosynthetic type, and any groups or specifications within species are indicated. εc means and se are reported along with sample size (n) for each species and group within species.

SpeciesCommon NameTypeGroups by Cultivar, Species, or HybridMean εc sen
Z. mays MaizeC4 0.04880.001194
S. bicolor SorghumC4 Energy, biomass, forage0.06600.00512
P. virgatum SwitchgrassC4 0.06180.00326
Saccharum spp.SugarcaneC4 0.05810.00322
Miscanthus spp.MiscanthusC4 M. giganteus 0.05030.00420
M. sinensis 0.02790.00416