Table I. Table of abbreviations
D, DwCoefficient of diffusion of gas in water and wood, respectively
khHydraulic conductivity of the stem
kmaxMaximum hydraulic conductivity of the stem
Lv, LbLength of vessel and bubble, respectively
τTime constant in an exponential process
TTension in xylem
TcCentral tension in stem that spins in a centrifuge
PLCPLC of stem
P50, P63Xylem pressure when stem loss is 50% or 63% of its maximum conductivity, respectively
VCVulnerability curve
CavitronCochard’s cavitron (Cochard rotor) that both spins stem and measures conductivity in the centrifuge
Sperry rotorStandard centrifuge method that spins stem in the centrifuge and measures kh in conductivity apparatus out of the centrifuge
Pb*Bubble pressure in stem before bubble collapse