Table I. All cell lineages in the sepal have the same RGR at t = tm (where GR is maximal) and the same RGR at t = tx (where RGR is maximal)

We report the RGR (h−1) with sds propagated from the uncertainty of the fit. For the average data, the constant RGR is consistently lower. This may be explained with a noisy fit for the real data. An S curve may better approximate noisy data using a more step-like shape, which essentially decreases the duration of growth and increases the GRs as observed here.

Time PointFlowerRGR (h−1)
Average DataReal Data
t = tmA0.0234 ± 0.000210.0293 ± 0.000641
t = txA0.0293 ± 0.0001280.0339 ± 0.000488
t = tmB0.0232 ± 0.0003530.0269 ± 0.00061
t = txB0.0312 ± 0.0004370.0331 ± 0.000602