Table I. General features of C. pyrenoidosa FACHB-9 genome
Assembly Features for Nuclear GenomeResults
Genome size56.8 Mbp
Sequencing depth26×
No. of contigs8,193
No. of scaffolds (>2 kb)1,336
Contig N/L501,265/11.14 kb
Scaffold N/L509/1.39 Mbp
Guanine and cytosine content66.6%
 Gene model quality
 Gene count10,284
 Multiexon genes10,171 (98.9%)
 Complete models with both start and stop codons9,228 (89.7%)
 Complete models extend both to 5′ and 3′ untranslated regions9,159 (89.1%)
Gene model support
 Models with cDNA support (454 RNA sequencing [RNA-seq])8,317 (80.9%)
 Models with homology support (NCBI nr database)8,992 (87.4%)
 Models with Pfam domain alignments6,249 (60.8%)
 Models with CDD alignments5,378 (52.3%)
 Models with Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG)/European Commission assignments7,799 (75.8%)
 Models with GO assignments5,639 (54.8%)