Table II.

Analysis of minor veins for virus accumulation in VP cells, C/T cells, or both

PlantdpiVirusNo. of Veins ExaminedVeins with Only VP Cells InfectedVeins with Only C or T Cells InfectedVeins with Both VP and C or T Cells Infected
N. benthamiana 3TMV43 (10)1-a 62.8037.2
C. annuum 337  (21)45.9054.1
L. esculentum 34  (8)75.0025.0
N. benthamiana 4SHMV40  (9)62.507.5
P. vulgaris 522  (8)31.100
P. sativum 519  (8)94.700
Xanthi4PVY18  (5)38.8061.2
N. benthamiana 417 (10)41.2058.8
N. benthamiana 4PStV23  (5)30.4056.5
  • F1-a Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of sections analyzed.