Table III.

Percentage of infected VP and C/T cells within minor veins and their ratio

PlantdpiVirusNo. of Veins ExaminedCell TypeVP:C/T2-b
N. benthamiana 3TMV4373.77.011:1
C. annuum 33778.228.83:1
L. esculentum 34100.08.312:1
N. benthamiana 4SHMV4061.52.525:1
P. vulgaris 52231.10.0>31:1
P. sativum 51990.30.0>90:1
N. benthamiana 41734.05.96:1
N. benthamiana 4PStV2358.729.62:1
  • F2-a All species analyzed had smooth-walled C cells except P. sativum, which had T cells.

  • F2-b Ratio of VP to C/T cells infected.