Table II.

The Km values for Cyt c and NADPH

P450 ReductaseKm1-a
AR124.3  ± 2.321.9  ± 1.4
AR222.5  ± 1.823.0  ± 2.9
  • F1-a Reactions were carried out in 0.3 m potassium phosphate (pH 7.7). After 2 min of preincubation at 28°C, reactions were initiated by addition of NADPH. Values are means ± sd of three separate determinations.

  • F1-b For the determination of the K m value for Cytc, NADPH concentration was fixed at 50 μm, and the cytochrome c concentration was varied from 0.5 to 300 μm.

  • F1-c For the determination of theK m value for NADPH, Cyt c was added at 50 μm with varied NADPH concentrations (0.5–300 μm).