Table I.

Characteristics of clones with expression affected by Al

CloneInsert SizeTranscript SizeTime of Induction (Repression)Homology
pEARLI82.22.215 min–1 hEST h36573
pEARLI10.851.015 min–2 h Richards and Gardner (1995)
pEARLI20.91.415 min–4 hNone detected
Aldolase0.61.630 min–4 hEST t43001
pEARLI42.52.52–4 h Richards et al. (1995)
pEARLI51.92.02 h +Reticuline oxidoreductase (S65550)
BCB0.851.32 h +z15058
GST1.01.42 h +d17672
Peroxidase1.31.31 h +x71794
Ala aminotransferase1.752.0(8 h)EST t41718,
CAB1.21.0(4 h)x64459

Clone nomenclature, time of induction, or repression of expression and homology are as described in the text (clones showing repression are indicated by italics inside parentheses). The approximate size of each cloned insert was measured by mobility of DNA restriction fragments on agarose gels, and the approximate size of the gene transcript was measured by the mobility of the hybridizing band following northern hybridizations.