Table II.

Induction of Al stress genes by ozone

GeneInduction by AlInduction by ozone
Phe ammonia lyase Snowden and Gardner (1993) Sharma and Davis (1994)
Metallothionein-like protein Snowden and Gardner (1993) This paperThis paper
Bowman-Birk proteinase inhibitors Snowden and Gardner (1993), Richards et al. (1995) This paperThis paper
PR2 Cruz-Ortega and Ownby (1993)
β-glucanase Cruz-Ortega et al. (1997) Schraudner et al. (1992)
Auxin-induced gene (parA) Ezaki et al. (1995)
GST Ezaki et al. (1995) This paper Sharma and Davis (1994), Conklin and Last (1995)
Peroxidase Ezaki et al. (1996) This paper Sharma and Davis (1994)
SODThis paper Sharma and Davis (1994), Willekens et al. (1994)
pEARLI2This paperThis paper
BCBThis paperThis paper
Reticuline:oxygen oxidoreductase (pEARLI5)This paperThis paper

Genes are listed that have been shown to be induced by Al stress in wheat, tobacco, or Arabidopsis. References for their induction by ozone stress are listed.